Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bad mood

Photo- Ulladulla

ooh it is one of those days. Everyone has them, where you can't help but feel a bit P.O'd with things even though life is great.

so what do I hate today:

✗ Friends who fall off the face off the earth.
✗ Religion - worshiping seems rather cultish to me lately
✗ People saying there are angels in photos when really its just dust particles. idiots!
✗ People saying they love animals, then eating a burger.
✗ I feel bad for the sheep in NZ stuck in a box for 2 days in the name of methane research. that'd suck.
✗ A old man telling me I'm too pale to tan. Which is incorrect
✗ My rat's got a lung infection

But more importantly what do i love:
♥ Australia's superior weather (Victoria & Tasmania not included)
♥ The Curry lentil pie i had from Pilgrims in Milton (3.5 hrs sth of Sydney). Yes it sound hippie but it was so yum!!
♥ Being vegetarian
♥ Getting to understand the war in Afghanistan better from people who know it firsthand
♥ The ferrero rochers and Chandon Rosé mum just came home with!
♥ Easy A, Good Movie! It's not even crass!

anything you want to get off your chest?

P.S    SBS Insight 7:30 EST, Im wearing a blue blazer, check it out.

1 comment:

em.me.ma said...

aww feel better!
i know exactly what you mean. stupid hypocrites who say they love animals and goes eating them...

i would love to be a vegetarian but i still eat fish and occassionally chicken... but im trying!!

it's just a horrible looking day and i have a migraine, that's about it to get off my chest, love the photo!

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