Wednesday, September 29, 2010

down with everything :)

The world is getting to me, but only because  let it, I've been getting annoyed at everything that is popular amongst people my age, floral bustier dresses, polaroids, vintage cameras, op shopping,  Im guessing this is because when everyone likes the things you do its no longer special.

I need to be more heavily distracted, and to stop reading a myraid of blogs that are just recycling all the same things. in other words.. to get a life.

one thing I do love are rats!!! they are the sweetest little things, contrary to what most people think  they are really clean (they sometimes smell like grape soda, really nice), super soft,  they very rarely bite, they even love tummy rubs, last night one of mine was sleeping in my dressing gown sleeve while I watched tv.

and the first photo.. can you believe was used to identify rats on a pest control website, who would want to kill that cutie!

I'll post up some cute photos of my girls tomorrow

Yay for blog posts central to your real life passions. no wonder i've been hating the blog world lately.

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