Friday, September 11, 2009

Organic & Cruelty tree

allo allo!

Im currently in the process of going organic, and i want to try my best to not use products with animal products in them as well if i can.
so far i've switched to Burts bees, homemade face oils and scrubs, organic tea.
are there any organic or animal friendly or eco-fabulous products you know of? or even cool recipes! that could be fun!
I really want to start getting into repurposing things, making things i want to buy.
I've already forced my folks to redirect all our household water onto the lawns.
any cool places in Sydney?


Jess said...

If there are any near you (I'm afraid I don't knwo where you're from) there's the fabulous Wholefoods Market which you can get nearly everything you need in organic form from. Jason cosmetics are brilliant- they're really high quality and there's no animal testing or products involved.
There are also vegebox schemes that deliver fresh organic vegetables and other items to your door, just google it!
Fortunately organic is becoming much more widely spread these days.
I've also posted a couple of vegan recipes that I like if you can be bothered to rifle through (:
Hope this helps.

L said...

i use Innoxa makeup fron priceline + dj's. There are so many brands now at priceline that don't test on animals or use animal products, aswell as being organic- there is no excuse for using anything else!
and i make my own cereal with loads of different grains and nuts from the health food shop! its really fun to mix up different things and keep it in a tall jar.
you could even look up a book called You Are What You Eat it has lots of vegan + vego recipes.