Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rat Nest

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I've comes to the conclusion many times that I just don't get anything done unless I write a list. Ticking things off so you know you're actually getting somewhere.

so today, spring cleaning! and assignments, as always.

Take clothes/stuff to Salvos
Make a pear frangipane tart a la Post Punk kitchen  
Choose photographs to print + frame for my wall
Print + Laminate Recipes
Make a wallet chain for my work keys!

P.s I'm going to Rottnest Island because I'm doing a husbandry manual on the Quokka, really just excuse to go on a little adventure by myself, It's been too long (3 years?). Thank goodness flights to perth aren't as expensive as I thought they would have been! beaches, snorkling, sand dune, biking around, taking photos with my silly plastic cameras...♥

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