Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There's never a bad time to make resolutions! I've been thinking about a few things I want to do (and don't want to do!)

I want to:

  • Use less plastic - Harder than it sounds, even when you buy fresh fruit you place them in plastic bags, bulk buying beans -> comes in plastic. I was somewhat inspired by this. I have already started by purchasing some bamboo toothbrushes which are biodegradable which can be seen here
  •  Op Shopping - only buy things I will use, ignore the potential of selling it online (I find online selling a pain in the butt)
  • Re-purpose - make an effort to repurpose things such as second hand dresses, photo frames, housewares
  • Stop drinking tea - It's one of those things that is enjoyable in the moment but leaves you feeling icky, the taste in your mouth, acidity, soy milk...gross. I will however keep drinking green tea and coffee!
  • Eat Less Sugar - I eat practically no cane sugar as it is, but I do still have two sugars in my coffee, I must get that down to none!
  • Get my Conservation on - Everyone has causes they are drawn to, for some people it's starving children, for some it's cancer research, for me it's conservation of environments and animal protection. I want to hone in on a few that I can lend my time to
  • Use facebook less - something we could all do.

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