Sunday, May 8, 2011


I went shopping today and saw that in regards to clothes, accessories and all things in fashion....the money doesn't equate to the product...

I need a nice handbag, but i don't want a piece of plastic made in a factory by an underpaid woman, I also don't want to pay $300 for something that just needs to hold my phone, lip balm and a bottle of water

I want a baggy button up shirt, but I don't want to pay $80 for it, especially when it's only cotton.

I don't want to buy things that are so mass produced that they have no love and meaning.

I have money, but I don't want to spend it, but I NEED clothes. I feel like i'm going to have to force myself to buy a whole bunch of things. Have to start somewhere. I don't want to go shopping every weekend, but there is just no other time to do it!


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