Wednesday, April 20, 2011


There are a handful of quotes that I love so much! but what to do with them? I've got about three that are kind of like adopted personal mantras and so i feel they need to be visual in some for or another...

tattoo.....might regret it, i'll get saggy and it will go blurry. i'd only ever get my ribs as I can hide it.

Type art....I suck at typography.....

Embroider cushions for myself....super tame and doesn't really have the "bang" i'm looking for.

I don't know. any ideas?

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Siren Rising said...

You may have noticed on FB I'm somewhat addicted to quotes. I have several files full and when I get some time plan on doing a few different things with them.

I think simple handwriting can be really effective. Perhaps on some of those chalkboards you're making?

I also thing you can use type without having to be an expert at typography. Sometimes a really simple font on a bold colour can be just as effective. Or laid over a photograph, the key being placement.

P.S I don't think you suck at Typgraphy at all!