Thursday, March 3, 2011

rainbow paddle pop

We have a flame wheel tree in the backyard that attracts lots of birds this time of year when the flower/fruit pollenate. I'm a bit of an animal nerd so I've decided to catalogue all the birds in our backyard..

so far..

Rainbow lorikeets (so many, you can't sleep in they are so loud)
Peaceful Doves (they like to eat the dog's food)
Eurasian Blackbrids
Willy wagtails
White plumed Honeyeaters
singing honeyeaters
Olive backed Oriole
Red Wattlebirds
Magpies, we have one, a young juvinile that likes to stare at you
Magpie Larks
and a mystery bird I can't identify that resembles a legendary bird pokemon

Like I said, nerd.

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