Thursday, March 10, 2011

(printing on fabric yay, if only the ink wouldn't run when washed.)

Today's just one of those days. No motivation to do anything but eat and watch tv. Today's selections include series two of Big Love and a steady stream of cranberry juice, carrot juice and hommus (My sister and I are doing some sort of pre-holiday detox). Not nearly as satisfying as watching Big Bang Theory for days straight and living on vegan crepes with lemon and sugar.

I'm also admiring one of my ratties, she's a bit of a fatty and not as mischevious as her sneaky sister. She's currently in a nest she's made in an empty box under cabinet, she's so happy lounging in the dark on a bed of newspaper and fabric offcuts, I can only ever lure her out with treats, and she knows it, but I can't do anything to get her out so I have to bow to her demands

The end, I'm hungry and going to watch another episode of Big Luuuurve.

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