Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sew sew sew your boat

I'm on a sewing spree. I finished a dress last night (circle skirts + hemming + chiffon = grrr). This morning i made this, crop toppy thing, or if i never wear it, i'll add a skirt. It took every inch of this fabric i had left (bought it 9 years ago at the fabric shop across from my work). I was silly and didn't anticipate how much room i'd need for elastic, the position of the straps screwed that up, that'd what you get for not using a pattern! I'm going to have to replace the elastic with those bra clasps... how nerdy.

next stop... a baggy singlet thing, and a cooool tote.

Now, I'm off to go watch Sabrina the teenage witch! love it.


Sofie said...

Ooh that is so cool, I love it! :-)


A said...

I love it!!!!

Deni said...

this is awesome! lovin' it....