Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bunny Crueltea

I found out recently that Lipton test their tea's on Bunnies (and rats and piglets too). I never wuld have thought anyone would be testing tea.. it seems so innocent! But what they do is feed the animals really unhealthy foods to make their arteries clog and give them bacterial diseases and then test if drinking tea helps them get better. But ultimately they get rid of the animals. It's disgusting.

I'm never buying lipton anything ever again. I'll continue enjoying twinnings!

think before you drink


L said...

oh my god i did not know that yuck that is so wrong! what the hell
thanks for sharing.
i buy loose tea from lovechai in melb and tlicious in brisbane, i hope they dont test.

Madeleine said...


kirst said...

yo thanks for the info! i cant believe that im so disappointed in them! twinings for life (ps your mushy is the bomb) xo

Nicole Tattersall said...

Also it's not just animals they treat badly. I recently watched a doco on the rights and living conditions of that pick tea and it wasn't nice.

I've been making my own peppermint tea, I should send you up some. Though heads up Nickel (my bunny) is at my feet when I'm making it and loves the odd peppermint leaf.


Lars said...

Yeah I've heard that too! fair trade is better! I've never even thought about making your own tea it's sucha good idea!