Sunday, December 5, 2010

much love monday: not shopping at westfield.

Yesterday I went to Westfield to look for a summer dress, and all i left was a cheap pair of shoes. It's probably a good thing I don't like shopping at places like Sportsgirl and General Pants as alot of the stuff is over priced anyway, but I have a hard time finding things that look good on my "curvaceous" figure.

and today i did the rounds of all the op shops here and found heaaaaps, fabrics for making dresses, lots of vintage zippers in cute colours for mega cheap, acid wash denim for purses, new belts, new bag, shirts, i'm so in love with the shirt in the first pic, such cute shoulders!! 

so much more satisfying. I think i'll just op shop and make my own dresses from now on ha ha.


Maxabella said...

Ops shops are so much better quality anyway. The stuff you buy at Sportsgeneralpantsjustjeans is tatt really. Glad you found lots to love. x

Paula said...

Hey Lars, LOVE this post. I returned from Westfield Burwood this morning empty handed. Wait.. I got Xmas stamps. Seriously tho, I went to Marrickville main street a few weeks ago and got some lovely Op shop bits. And just like you say, so much more satisfying. Cool blog and photos too.

Tatter Beans said...

Hello I'm popping over from Much Love... I love the black and white shirt .... so cute.

Anonymous said...

love the polka-dot blouse!

kirst said...

i went to the mall the other day and came out depressed that everything looked super bad on me because i too have said curves. then i opshopped my way to a new wardrobe and happy thoughts and general warm fuzziness.
aint it the best?!
love your blog xo