Thursday, December 16, 2010

little birdy

I feel so bad for this little birdy.

I found a juvenile Starling out the front being attacked by crows, I don't think there was anything wrong with the bird apart from It's inability to defend itself. It couldn't fly for some reason, nothing felt broken.

I took it into the vet where I was greeted by a vet nurse who didn't seem to care (left me feeling a bit annoyed! When I'm a vet nurse I hope i never get like that.).  I know Starlings are pests in WA but I wonder if the vet is just going to put it down because it's not native. 

Starlings are pretty.

Exhibit a:


Slanelle said...

oh this is so sad! Is the bird okay now? I really HATE it when vets don't seem to care... it happenned to me too (cuz I have a cat)and reallyit was thr worst feeling ! Hope the little thing is going to get better !

L said...

awww thats so sad, good on you for looking after it.
we are lucky we have a good vet here who looks after anything we take in!
its so heartbreaking though, :( you did the right thing.