Sunday, December 19, 2010

Glen coco.

I have to admit something...

I hate christmas songs, christmas movies and tv shows. I probably wouldn't if it weren't for reruns of National lampoon every year and hearing Hilary Duff covers of xmas carols when I worked in retail. and  has anyone noticed alot of cars with antlers and red noses?!

But, I do love:

★ Our christmas is spent in the pool or inside because it's too hot, falling asleep on the couch because we ate too much.
★fairy lights (this love extends way beyond christmas)
★finding something nice to wear to christmas lunch
★Champagne! Champagne! Champagne

on another note, I'm sick of cooking, I want to eat something other than dahl, seems to be all i make. Im trying to figure out something to make for chrissy lunch as it'll be all meats, cheesy bakes and roasted potatoes (roasted along side meat), so as annoyed as it feels I'm pretty much bringing every course for myself!

so far I'm thinking:

● A balsamic salad w/ semi dried tomatos, grilled zhuccini, sweet potato and caramelized onion.
●Beetroot, asparagus, sundried tomato and cashew cous cous
●Raw strawberry "cheese"cake
●Potatoes w/ mushroom sauce... because potatoes are the best.

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