Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Went up the mountains (something we seem to do once a year). It was a balmy 7 degrees! so cold. We drove around to different vantage points but they were so packed with tourists we just kept driving and found this place, completely desserted!

Being in Katoomba is like being stuck in a art deco 1950s town, in England, grey clouds, red brick buildings. If you ever go up the mountains make sure you go to Leura, so much more artisan and pretty!


Clare Patricia said...

Hey There,

I'm a huge fan of your blog and find it mighty inspiring :) So give yourself a big highfive! I was also hoping you could tell me what kind of digital camera you have, as I am about to take the step up to a good camera, instead of my crappy standard and I really love all your photos, they turn out so beautiful.

Thanks Heaps

Clare :)

Angela said...

It's crazy how cold it's been lately hey? Where is Summer??
Ang xxx