Tuesday, October 19, 2010


this morn i found a little "artwork" i did a few months ago in a frame, A few months ago i kept finding  wild Budgie, Lorikeet and Indian Myna ( not a good bird...) feathers around my backyard so i teamed it up with lyrics from my favourite song "Feather" by Little Dragon typed in my favourite typeface in the world which happens to be my typewriter (could I get anymore cliche...feathers, art, typewriters ha ha).

and i stripped the covering of my dress form as it was getting holey, which is to be expected after 40 or so years, I'm going to cover it in a layer of padding( so that pins can take hold) and then some cream knit fabric or something.

and a picture of my girl Nutella for good measure, I don't want to keep the cuteness to myself :)

Have a good Wednesday guys!

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See Me Everywhere said...

I adore that frame with the features! They are gorgeous :)