Wednesday, October 13, 2010

time for a lifestyle change

as of today i am VEGAN!!!!!!

I never actually thought I would do it, always thought I can't live without milk or cheese, or eggs ( cake mmm). But today I watched some of Kill it Cook it Eat it, a educational tv show that shows the process of a said meat (veal, pork etc) from the farm to the dinner plate.

I had always thought that being vegetarian was enough and had read about how bad the dairy industry is for animals and felt I should be vegan but it was just too much, until today. As it turns out as a result of dairy farming millions of calves are killed because they are of no use, or they are used for veal. over the past few months i've had a growing affection for cows, where I think they are just as wonderful and beautiful as havng a pet dog, I would even love a pet cow If i could! So seeing what impact my milk drinking has on innocent sentient creatures for my own culinary delight made me think twice, How am I being ethical when  when what i'm eating still supports practices I don't agree with.

and not only that, ever since resuming being vegetarian earlier this year, every time i see a steak or roast on the choping board i see it as it is, a hunk of dead flesh, that would look no different than human flesh. yeah It IS gross.

I almost feel like this was meant to be, Over the past few months all of a sudden i started to like things like mushrooms, lentils and beans, which will comprising a large part of my new diet.

and to be quite honest I am really excited, I feel good, and I am really keen to try out the V friendly restaurants and cafes in Sydney and Melbourne

That is my little story, my "testimony" if you will ha ha.

I hope this hasn't come off sounding preachy, I don't want to be that person but I did want to share this as I think it wuld be a great idea for people to be educated on what they eat and not to take on the "out of mind, out of sight" mentality that is pretty common

peace out

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Lightning Heart said...

good for you!
i've always toyed with the idea of being a vegetarian but i think it would take a drastic reassessment of my life and something i'm not quite ready for yet (seeing as how i don't really like vegetables!)
i hope it all works well for you :D