Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sew motivated

over the past few days I've got into my creative groove, I've succumbed to the cuteness that is flag bunting and my sewing machine has been behaving well enough for me to sew an entire dress in one morning. My sewing machine bobbin thing is playing up right now ($150 sewing machine from Kmart, what do you expect!) so i'm having a little break!

thought i would give a little sneak peak of some of the things i've been doing, I've lost my camera charger so I'm stuck with my phone right now, I'll take proper photos when i get my Iphone ( YAY)

I'm super proud of this dress i made yesterday morning, its a sweetheart neckline bustier backless dress that i based off a Wayne Cooper dress I bought years ago, and I didn't use a pattern!

I am currently making an Iphone case for myself, if my misbehaving sewing machine permits me to!

Do you guys every get in a creative funk and just go mad? I wish I could be this productive all the time


Kelli said...

I have an art print that is the title of your blog :)

agatheloff said...

I like it!:)

Jen said...

Sometimes my sewing machine acts up too... I almost have to take it completely apart for it to start working again!! Ugghh ;-)

Oh, and have you inputted your state information yet at LOCATION CENTRAL? It's the blog where you find other bloggers in your area.