Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I figure that one of the true measures of a person is how they treat those "less important" to themselves, even mum has mentioned in the past that she wonders if how you treat animals is the real ticket into heaven

I may be missing out yummy things like potato bake and milk chocolate but the taste of sparing just a few beautiful animals from the horror that goes into food production much sweeter, and surpasses the time it takes to eat a chocolate bar.

I keep finding myself thinking of things to say when people ask why I'm vegan, I'm having trouble coming up with things to say that wouldn't be insulting because the way i see it, people eating meat is largely a combination of tradition (it's what you're parents fed you, so why wouldn't it be normal), lack of education and ignorance. See, now who would want to be called ignorant and uneducated. not me ha ha!

I recommend watching this film, narrated by Jaoquin Phoenix about life, food and animals.

Sometimes you need to force yourself to see whats really going on, to be educated on something so integral to your life, and just because you buy something at the supermarket doesn't mean you arn't a part of the killing.

 I don't have a smooth way with words, I'm good at offending but what good am I if i can't contribute positively to this world.

how much value can I put on my own life if sustaining it meant many others would die?


Ohgubb said...
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Lady Midnight said...

I'm vegetarian and I find the best thing to do if someone asks me why is to answer truthfully, and then ask why they eat meat. I don't mean in an antagonistic way, just out of curiosity. I find that few people have thought of eating meat as a choice and find it strange to be asked.