Saturday, August 7, 2010

who likes asian novelty foods!!!!

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I do.

I ate all of the above PLUS a packet of lychee jellies and a can of milk pearl tea all in the name of design 

Went to the IGA supermarket in Chinatown and stocked up on candy in packets i can't read to do an article on asian novelty foods. I held back, next time, im not so sure. and by the way the box of hello pandas is the size of a basketball : )

I wish i could share the candy with you all so i wouldn't eat it all!

i think its time for a diet.

(Candy: in order of appearance: "pine" hard candy, hello pandas, hello kitty dip sticks, pearl tea in a can, Mochi and Bitter chocolate and almond pocky)


Lightning Heart said...

gah! i love all oriental candies!

Lightning Heart said...
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evie apples said...

i'm pretty sure 'hello panda' is what i miss most about living in japan. express post some my way?

Stace said...

zomg I love those hello panda things!
also pocky are the best :)

Lightning Heart said...

well i love yan yan's and this other one i can't remember what it's called but it's like this weird chocolate that just crumbles and falls apart in your mouth, amazing stuff! if i remember i'll let you know :)

Lars said...

oh yes! The hello kitty things are pretty much Yan Yans

evie apples said...

yup, i live in aus but my town is severely lacking in asian sweets! might have to take a trip to chinatown.

L said...

'mens pocky' is the best you gotta buy it!!!!!! watch out lots of those hello panda and biscuit lollies have palm oil in them though. i work in chinatown and it is amazzzzing