Monday, July 12, 2010

rubi shoes

I was window shopping online and screen cap'd this picture because i like the peach shoes (Rubi Shoes).

I only just realised how skinny the girl is on the right! how scary is that, no offence to the model but that kind of skinniness shouldn't be used, especially when your consumer demographic is teenage girls. The other girls are already pretty stick like already but miss blue shoes is just too much (or too little)


come on Rubi Shoes fat girls can wear your shoes too right?


Lightning Heart said...

gosh, she is very skinny, i agree with you
i hope fat girls can wear them too because i own way too many pairs of rubi shoes hahaha

Soné said...

far out, i wish i had long lean legs to pull of that look :)

Abby said...

I agree with you. She's really really frail looking. Looks like you could snap her in two. Not a healthy look at all.

evie apples said...

i saw that the other day and thought the same thing! i would hate to be a teenager right now...let's bring back some old riot grrrl magic!