Saturday, June 5, 2010


There are so many entertaining wedding shows on cable that mum and I love to watch. that and there are so many amazing diy wedding blogs. im far from getting married but i just love browsing through the blogs for inspiration, i want to get married just so i ca throw a cute garden party!!

i'm adament that im ging to get married under a big beautiful tree with things hanging from it, i've known that since i was 14.

yay for weddings.

links: i have no idea where all these diff images came from but i will list the blogs that are most likely the source:

100 Layer Cake
Beautifully ever after
Once Wed

the dress (the one item i actually know!): J crew does the link work? it wont open properly for me 


Anonymous said...

I`ve got a crush on the wedding-dress, which is shown twice in your wedding-collage. Can you just write down the label or where you found it?! Thanxx, so much!

Lars said...

done! if that link doesn't work go here :

its in the 7th row down