Thursday, June 17, 2010


Winter isn't even half way through and i'm already excited for spring! We all need something to get us through the cold windy winter and i guess for me that's sifting through photos from my summer holidays and wishing i was on the beach in the sun. It's also good motivation to try and get healthy instead of just succumbing to the winter pounds (well kilos, but i watch too much american tv and so pounds sound more correct! that's a bit sad!)

Where i want to be right now:

Sunbaking after a dip in the sea in Caloundra, Qld with a good book and my Ipod. Ideally with the above stuff:

Roxy Bikini, Missoni towel, French Straw bag,  burts bees balm,  water,  invisible zinc, ipod, a good book, AM Cobsey sunnies. Photo: Caloundra (Mine)

where do YOU want to be right now?

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