Friday, April 30, 2010

My Lover Mother Nature

I love nature more than anything and over the last however long i've really decided to make an effort in getting a bit more natural. Our body is a sponge, we absorb air pollution and all the things we apply to our skin, but whats really in all the chemicals that we can't pronounce....proxycerahydraulacone.....what?!

I think that all these chemicals that we absorb via direct contact / digesting is the reason why kids these days are born with a million different allergies, even I over the past three years have become allergic to metal earrings and lipbalm

so over the past however long i've been getting in touch with my "natural side". I've stopped eating meat (1. because i don't like the taste or texture 2. i don't want to eat what i wouldn't kill myself 3. Animals are my best friends) and meat is exxy anyway, and saturated fat, enough said!

I've almost stopped using all my makeup (apart from Mascara, will never give that up) and for the stuff that i will use i'll be using animal free organic stuff. same goes for the hair, i use organic stuff for it, stopped styling my hair pretty much as well, the hair straightener has been a bit lonely lately.

I want to get into natural body care too, i've found a few alright sounding things to do like:

  •  Coconut Oil as moisturiser  & hair conditioner
  • egg as a hair treatment (ok that creeps me out a bit)
  • using Henna dye
as well as using for loads of blankets instead or turning the heater, air con and electric blanket on. they managed to stay warm a hundred years go, surely we can manage now..

aaaaah im going to bed now, my brain has stopped working!


Maria said...

have you tried aveda products? their made with 100% wind power and have no scary stuff in them. they smell lovely too. bare escentuals cosmetics are also free of icky unpronounceables. so thrilled to hear you have given up meat! not only will your body thank you, but you will conserve water too (1lb of meat = 1500 gallons of water to process it). best of luck to you as you make this awesome change.

andie said...

good for you! natural products are so much better for you, and your hair will thank you for its break from the iron! xo good luck!