Thursday, April 22, 2010


Cup cakes have a been a bit in vogue at the moment (which is annoying) but this blog "MING MAKES CUPCAKES" is just the best!! full of delicious and out there cupcake recipes accompanied by cute photo. argh if only i had a working oven right now!! 

found via A Cup of Jo

I really want to make this one! Coconut Rum!


L said...

oh my gosh they look delicious!

have you ever tried the cupcakes in surry hills? the place where the branding makes you buy them? and then theyre crap.

Laura said...

no, but i've had "pitt st cupcakes" looks all pretty.... but they look better than they taste

Anonymous said...

these look delicious! so much better than those decorative-fondant ones that are all show but poor taste. Thanks for the link!