Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a minute in.....March.

may as well, there is 6 minutes left until it's May!

Watching "don't tell the bride" i love wedding shows and this one leaves everything up to the groom, even the wedding dress, all without the brides knowledge, she doesn't even get to see her dress till the day before!

Reading: Assignment briefs. i finished a book a month ago and now i need a new one

ListeningChristian City Church ( aka CCC or C3) it's hillsong.. but better. as well as Amy Winehouse

Eating: what  I want  is chocolate which is void from the house. It's getting cold and im now on easter break so im gonna eat lots of cheesy pasta, maybe try and get my hands on some cake. the primordial instinct to fatten up for winter is kicking in.

Wanting:  a nice big cage for my ratooties. and to be able to develop my rolls of film. and a new camera lense. and warm cake

Promising to be nicer!! 

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