Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is what i'm planning on wearing on saturday (that word makes me sing.)

Mission 1: make a big black tee because the only one i have looks mumsy as.

Mission 2: Find white shoes... target maybe? i can't be bothered leaving town. if all else fails i've got thongs.

Mission 3: i really like that bangle. I might try to make one. meh who knows. if all else fails that'd look good on a baggy white tee. transfer paper here i come.

bring on NeverEverLand.

Listening to: Killswitch Engage.


See Me Everywhere said...

gosh i love that bag!!!!
killswitch engage? my husband will be stoked to know theres another chick in this world who listens to them apart from me!

Lars (you and me) said...